Rear Axle Seal

For 0.940”-1.100” O.D. Axle


Part Number: AGS094

With certain diameter Strange Oval axles, you’ll need to replace your inboard axle seals to accommodate the smaller axle diameters (O.D’s). Otherwise, you’ll be getting your rear end fluid into your axle tubes. We supply a very well made economical purpose-built 2 stage inboard axle seals for all of our smaller O.D. axles. We asked SEALS-IT to provide these seals to us.

SEALS-IT has been supplying NASCAR teams with various seals for over 20 years and it’s all they do.

These are 2 stage axle seals that have been designed with minimal drag.

For 1.100″-1.200″ O.D. Axle – See  AGS110

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These inboard axle seals will fit either a 2.50” or 2.75” I.D. axle tube, and are made of high

temperature rubber encased in a lightweight alloy housing. When you run axles that can

sometimes be as small in diameter as 0.940” you most certainly will be losing rear end fluid if

you’re not using our inboard seals. Eliminate the headache straight away and get our SEALS-IT

inboard axle seals………you’ll be happy you did.

Note: During installation; if your axle tubes are not welded on the inboard side of the rear end

housing (meaning tubes only welded on the outboard side of the rear end housing) you may find that our seal slides up and down the axle tube too freely. The rubber flap on the O.D. of the axle seal should press tightly against the I.D of the axle tube. This rubber axle seal flap relies on the axle tube being welded on the inboard side of the rear end housing and uses that weld bead to help secure the seals tightly within the axle tube. It’s best to check if your axle tubes are welded in both areas (check for tube welds on both the inboard and outboard side of the rear end housing). You can still secure the seal with a bead of orange silicone around the O.D. of the axle seal where it meets with the I.D. of the axle tube.

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