Pinion Retainers

Pinion Retainer DPC100


Part Number: DPC100

With a weight savings of up to 1 ¾ lbs. as compared to the standard “Daytona” cast iron pinion retainers, Strange Oval produces 2 variations of billet steel pinion retainers. While lighter in weight, our pinion retainers maintain a lower axial and radial deflection rate improvement of 20% over the cast iron counterpart. By reducing pinion deflection, the Strange Oval pinion retainers improve gear life

    • Heat treated, fully machined, billet chromoly steel construction


    • Improved rigidity and lighter weight than the popular daytona pinion retainer


    • Nascar approved


  • Iron shed (isp105) support available for enhanced gear mesh oiling
  • Pinion Retainer # DPC100 (w/o external lubrication line attachment feature)

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs