Strange Oval Presents Premium Torsion Bars

Strange Oval premium torsion bars are designed to satisfy the most demanding Modified racer. Part of what puts Strange Oval ahead of the competition is the manufacturing process and innovation. The torsion bar rate (in lbs. per inch) depends on the effective length of the bar as well as the diameter of the bar. The rate of the given bar will also depend on whether the bar is solid or gun-drilled.

Strange oval website blog image of premium torsion bars
Strange Oval Premium Torsion Bar

Strange Oval torsion bars are gun-drilled with a 7/16” ID hole. In order to achieve the same torsional rate as solid bars, the effective diameter is increased, which gives the bar higher mechanical strength compared to its solid counterpart. To further increase strength, we maximize the effective length of our bars by shortening the splined end and bushing area to a combined length of 2” on each side. Maximizing the effective length allows us to make the OD slightly larger, thus increasing the bar strength further. For example using a 12” arm; while a normal bar may measure .950” in diameter and have a bar rate of 266 lbs./inch, the Strange Oval bar measures .961” in diameter and has the same bar rate (266 inch lbs.), but is also lighter because it’s gun-drilled and more reactive. This coupled with our proprietary heat treat, straightening methods and shot peening gives us the highest strength bars on the market. That’s why Brett Hearn, Kenny Tremont and other top racers and builders depend on Strange Oval torsion bars…..Remember, Don’t just race… Race Strange