Strange Oval Axle Straightening Machine

Strange Oval In House Automatic Torsion Bar And Axle Straightening Process.

Strange Oval was created by Strange Engineering as a dedicated Oval Track company- committed to innovation and excellence with a rich racing heritage. Strange Oval also offers aluminum drive flanges with steel bushings as well as torsion bars, crowned cup axles, steel drive flanges and Ford nodular iron cases.

The Advantages of this process.

- Fully Automatic Operation And Part Changeover Promotes Quality And Consistency By Removing The Potential Of Human Error

- Tolerance Group Straightening Method Utilizes Degressive Runout Limits. The Advantage Of This Is To Avoid Pushing On The Part With One Large Initial Force That Will Create An Area Of High Local Stress.

- Multiple Supports And Runout Sensing Locations Across The Length Of The Part Allows For More Even Stress Distribution And Finer Straightening Resolution

- Provides Documentation Of Incoming And Completed Part Straightness Including Where On The Workpiece The Measurements Were Taken.  A History Of This Information Is Kept Where Sudden Changes Can Indicate Can Indicate Upstream Issues To Be Addressed.

- Sonic Crack Detection Senses Potential Fractures And Automatically Rejects Part Upon Discovery