Axle Diameter Calculator Released

Strange Oval has released their secret formula for the KERA axles. On the Late Model and Modified pages you will find an online calculator that will provide immediate results to help you determine the proper axle diameters. You can find both of the calculators on our KERA AXLE page.

The Proven KERA Technology (Kleban Equal Response Axle)

While left & right side axles are different lengths they are normally the same diameter; this inherently gives the right side axle a lower spring rate. This means the left side axle does not “wrap-up” as much as the right side and the car has a tendency to steer right on initial acceleration because the left rear tire sees the power first. By using a smaller diameter left hand axle with the “KERA concept “ you can equalize this torque steer reaction both under acceleration or deceleration. 


This Equal-Response-Reaction can be further used to specifically tune the chassis to turn left by reducing the left side axle diameter further from the standard KERA diameter split between the left and right side axles. In effect, the Kleban Equal Response Axles (KERA) can be used as a precise tuning device like that of tire stagger without having any effect on existing cross weight, spring rates, anti-roll bar, ride height or tire pressure. Strange Oval offers the split “KERA” diameter axles or "wrap axles" as well as equal sized axle diameters with the same manufacturing process and quality control in place.