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With decades of manufacturing, design & engineering innovation, quality & unsurpassed customer service, Strange Oval will service the circle track market with the same, passion, motivation & dedication that has defined us for over 49 years.


Dedicated to the Oval Track Market

Strange Oval is bringing a rich racing heritage and a relentless need to innovate for all forms of oval track racing, including Late Models and Modifieds. Strange has supplied driveline components for CUP teams, via Ford Racing, since the 1980′s.

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Who We Are

Strange Oval is a division of Strange Engineering, a industry leading company that has been manufacturing (USA) driveline and suspension components for all forms of racing and hi-performance vehicles since 1964.

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Quick Change Spool Reduced Weight with Increased Stiffness Newly Patented Design Ultra-Lightweight – 5.15 Lbs. Total Weight – 0.60 Lbs. Less Than Typical Aluminum Spools • Heat treated 4140 steel spline inserts – Inboard Axle Splines Engage With Steel Splined Inserts … Read More